Ever since the Internet was invented, people (hackers) have been trying to steal data. It has always been this way; even before the Internet.

Only 10 years ago, I was reticent to have my client’s data in the Cloud. Today, with newer technology and resources, online data safety is the safest it has ever been. AND, it will only get better in the future.

Governments and businesses have taken initiatives to protect personal and business data online. The EU has something called the General Data Protection Requirement (GDPR). This is a very strict set of requirements that define how data is treated online. Currently (2020) this only applies to the EU and those doing business with EU companies. However, elements of this requirement will soon be filtering into requirements applicable to the United States. S W Business Solutions uses a website hosting company that is fully GDPR compliant. That company also offers HIPPA and PCI data firewalls for sites.

So, how does S W Business Solutions protect client data online? We are not going to tell!

However, we can touch on the highlights. Several techniques are employed to protect client data.

  • S W Business Solutions provides a full site cyber security penetration test from a Cyber Security PhD candidate if so desired.
  • Database encryption – sensitive data can be, if the client should wish, encrypted so stolen data will not be readable without the decoding key.
  • TLS – each website is protected by an encryption certificate that uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) to encrypt the data moving between the Cloud server and the user’s browser. This prevents “man in the middle” attacks.
  • Fixed Parameter Passing – Passing text between web pages allows SQL injection attacks and scr



Working from home is currently a requirement due to the quarantine. However, it is actually a very cost effective way to work for a lot of businesses.

The downside is that it requires mature, self-motivated staff. That is not always the reality. So what can a manager do to ensure employees are actually working?

The answer is behavior metrics. S W Business Solutions develops robust, cloud-based, browser-hosted database business applications. These are custom pieces of software that can track whatever a manager needs.

We have existing systems that track behaviors such as login time, logout time, excessive idle time and work flow analysis. Every event (clicking save or opening a record) can be tracked and analyzed with minimal additional burden on the system. Reports and graphs can be generated that can be reviewed by authorized management to determine production rates and worker effectivity.

S W Business Solutions is managed by a former mid-level manager for a TRW company. We are business professionals that have the experience to write effective business software.