The purpose for business software is to provide solutions to problems. What problems? Do I have enough income forecasted for the next 6 months? How many estimates have been submitted for over 10 days? How many reports are due this week? And a thousand more. If the sentence starts with “Do”, “How”, “What”, “When”, etc., then that is a business problem looking for a solution.

Every business is unique!  Your software should match the way you run your business. You should never be forced to fit your business into some programmer’s idea of how your business should be run.

Custom software business solutions can include just about anything. Here are some examples:
Job Costing, Estimating, Invoicing, Labor Management, Expense Analysis, Data Security, Real-Time Budgeting and Forecasting, Client Retention, Data Collection and Analysis, Management Reporting and more.

Please take a minute and explore some of the samples of real solutions to real problems that S W Business Solutions has provided.

Heavy Equipment Maintenance

Business Networking Group

Meal and Nutrition Tracking



Ask business owners and they will generally tell you that it is too expensive to own business software.

This is no longer true.

In 2008, S W Business Solutions, LLC. was asked to perform a make-or-buy analysis for Event Planning software. Specifications were drawn up by the client and research was performed. There was only one piece of commercial software available that met most of the specifications. This software package (on sale) had a 5-year cost of ownership price of $77,001. We were able to estimate the project for a lifetime cost of $38,000.

The above price did not include the cost of the computer network that was needed to run the software since both packages were client-server based.

This was back in the days of client-server, expensive in-house computer networks. Today, the above price of software is greatly reduced; both for development and for hosting the software package in the Cloud.

S W Business Solutions, LLC has recently completed several packages for the environmental engineering and handyman communities for roughly $14,000. However, less complex system can be developed for as little as $3,000.

The temptation is to buy a commercial package for “only” $150 per month with “only” per seat licensing of $75 per month (for instance). This sounds great. However, doing the math, the annual cost without the per seat licensing is $1,800! For 5-years, that is $9,000. This cost is on-going forever.

Couple this with the fact that you can not have your own custom changes made how, and when, you wish. makes custom development affordable and the best option.

S W Business Solutions, LLC offers distributed payment plan where an initial payment of $1,000 to $2,000 is made and then the client pays a monthly fee until the total development fee is paid. Yet another reason to choose custom development.




Traditional business software required expensive in-house computer networks and workstations. Such a system could cost thousands of dollars.

Software users were required to be in the office in order to use the system. That is now all in the past.


Today, the Cloud (Internet) is available almost anywhere. Restaurants, coffee shops and shopping malls offer free Wifi. Your software should reside in the Cloud so you can access your important information from anywhere on any Internet enabled tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

SWBS uses modern development tools and SQL database engines to convert old server-based software into Cloud-based modern database applications that run in any browser. You no longer need to invest in expensive servers, networks or workstations. You no longer need to hire expensive IT teams to maintain all of that computer infrastructure. A tablet and an Internet connection are all you need. Best of all, the hassle of backing up and managing your server and your data are now done by secure hosting facilities such as Once your business application is created, you only pay a small monthly fee (as low as $10/month in most cases) for hosting.

No hardware costs and minimal monthly hosting costs is a Win-Win situation.


We have vast experience in many diverse business environments. Our past solutions include environmental engineering sales and reporting systems, check cashing network balancing, bad check tracking, water treatment engineering sales management, event planning, inventory systems, contact relationship management, project estimating, job costing, referral management, r



Hosting your data in the Cloud is serious business. However, thanks to concerted efforts by the industry, data security in the Cloud is as safe as on your in-house server.

Which is not to say it is safe. Nearly 67% of all data loss (deliberate or accidental) is caused by employees – not international rogue hackers.

The likelihood of being hacked in actually a bit higher on your in-house server as most employees have access to your server files and can copy files onto thumb drives if they wish. Stealing data directly from an Internet Service Provider (ISP) is much harder.

I have a page in the menu bar that talks about how we at S W Business Solutions protects client’s data in our Cloud-based browser applications.

The benefits of global access to your data and device independence far outweigh any concern about data safety.



Working from home is currently a requirement due to the quarantine. However, it is actually a very cost effective way to work for a lot of businesses.

The downside is that it requires mature, self-motivated staff. That is not always the reality. So what can a manager do to ensure employees are actually working?

The answer is behavior metrics. S W Business Solutions develops robust, cloud-based, browser-hosted database business applications. These are custom pieces of software that can track whatever a manager needs.

We have existing systems that track behaviors such as login time, logout time, excessive idle time and work flow analysis. Every event (clicking save or opening a record) can be tracked and analyzed with minimal additional burden on the system. Reports and graphs can be generated that can be reviewed by authorized management to determine production rates and worker effectivity.

S W Business Solutions is managed by a former mid-level manager for a TRW company. We are business professionals that have the experience to write effective business software.